Whats the Penalty for the First Probation Violation?

Question by signmanj: whats the penalty for the first probation violation?
One of my sons has got out on probation from the court. Now he sadly violated his probation….Whats the penalty, etc for just the FIRST offence in Minnesota? Being his dad, would the judge listen to me that he needs to be put in to a lockdown place for treatment instead of jail.Jail won’t help him..he needs a LONG term mental health treatment and drug center as this is a total sickness. What are the fines, etc. for the 1st offence for violation of probation?

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Answer by Lexie
The penalty is whatever the judge feels is appropriate. Which COULD be revoking probation and imposing whatever the original sentence could have been. You probably won’t be allowed to speak directly to the judge unless your son is a juvenile. I suggest you speak with his lawyer and/or the probation officer and suggest the in-patient drug treatment. There are very few places that will “lock him down”, though, and if he signs himself out without completing treatment, he is almost certain to have his probation revoked at that point.

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