Can I Take All of These Herbs Together?

Question by Dooooooooog: Can I take all of these herbs together?
I visited this website called for my anxiety disorder. My mom wouldnt let me order the medicine, so instead she looked up the ingredients in the medication and bought them all at the drug store. I know you can take them together but i dont know how much to take. The label has way lower doses for each herb.
The vilift label shows the amount of each Herb.
St. Johns wort – 300 mg
5 htp – 3.33 mg
skullcap – 100 mg
Korean ginseng – 33.3 mg
Vitamin B complex – 5 mg

I bought each herb individually and im wondering if I can take them all at the same time, even though they have way more amounts than in the actual medication.
These are the doses for each tablet, found in the herbs I bought today.

St. Johns wort – 300 mg
5 htp – 100 mg
Skullcap – 850 mg
Korean Ginseng – 350 mg
Vitamin B complex – 50 mg
These are all way higher doses than whats in the vilift formula. Im just scared if i take all of these together it might be to much or cause some over dose. Possible with my serotonin level.

Best answer:

Answer by Justin J
no dude, your not gonna OD on some weak shit like that, but if your trying to get high this combo won’t amount to much positive effects. Maybe just a little speedy, light feeling. If you wan’t to get high OTC i would recommend ephedrine (found in some allergy meds like pheudophed), Benzedrex Nasal Inhalers (verry speedy effect, look online for how to prep), good ol’ cough syrup (trippy, drunk feeling). Although I wouldn’t take any advice from me, I’m just a junky after all.

Answer by kornkrazed
Is it a in a powder like gell cap or a firm pill that can be cut up?

The St. Johns Wort is fine and so is the Vitamin B complex. You will just pee out extra vitamin B anyways so that will not hurt you. If you can just take half of the htp, skullcap, and Korean Ginseng to be safe. I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt you.

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