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Residential Hospital in Michigan to Help Meth Users Without Health Insurance Quit?

Question by John M: Residential hospital in Michigan to help meth users without health insurance quit?
My daughter, who’s 18, has fallen in with some meth users. She told me she tried it once but I think she’s using it regularly. She barely sleeps or eats, and she seems to… Continue reading

Has Anyone Heard of the Malachi House in North Carolina?

Question by Jorge G: Has anyone heard of the Malachi house in North Carolina?
my son has been batteling drug addiction since he is 13 now 22 he has been at the malichi house in NC for two months, his first visit was 6/21 and 22 normally only fist pass… Continue reading

Why Do People Say Alcholism Is a Disease ?

Question by Dee: Why do people say alcholism is a disease ?
this kinda upsets me , because a disease is something that you have no control over that your body dose on it’s own , you have the choice to purchase alchol , you have the choice to go… Continue reading

Why Does My Friend Start Falling Asleep After Taking Her Methadone? I Can’t Be Friends With Her That Way!?

Question by : Why does my friend start falling asleep after taking her methadone? I can’t be friends with her that way!?
She went to the same high school and is inside my school annual. She was so pretty. She had everything…even a handsome great husband who was a college… Continue reading

My Son Is in a Rehab Program in NJ, and He’s Been Clean for 24 Days Today…. Last Week One of His Urine Test Ca

Question by Estela S: My son is in a rehab program in NJ, and he’s been clean for 24 days today…. Last week one of his urine test ca

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What is your Question? You didn’t finish it.

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New Jersey Drug Addiction… Continue reading

Drug Rehab Information?

Question by Jenny D AKA Rottweiler Azz ?: Drug Rehab Information?
I’m doing research for a story I’m writing; I’m just getting to the part where my two main characters end up in rehab together, but I want to present it accurately. Any insight would be helpful as far as… Continue reading